Our mission is to preserve the lineage and historical origins of the Wallace  and Hicks family for future generations to come. It is to provide a platform for communication between relations, and to share important family news. Finally, it is to celebrate our heritage in preparing for the coming Wallace and Hicks Family Reunion.
"We will live our lives in honor and obedience to God and His word. Our values are faithfulness, honesty, holiness, and courage. We live on purpose while living by His purpose every day."
 We shall continue to honor the roots that pathed the way for us and express our love and appreciation of our heritage, by growing closer as an extended family, developing greater love for each other, and turning our hearts to them.
The purpose of the Wallace Family society is to organize and work together as a family unit to identify and become more acquainted with our cherish relative ancestors, and our extended family today.
We take an oath to:
  • Organize family reunions
  • Research family histories
  • Gather photographs
  • Keep journals
  • Write individual and family histories 
  • Establish and maintain communications with our extended family by maintaining a web site
  • Send a family newsletter 
  • Organize Travel and Tours
  • Organize other family activities that are fitting
 Our goals are to stay in-touch, grow closer as a family, develop greater love and harmony, and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.